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St. Joseph’s Boys High School
#27, Museum Road,
Bangalore, Karnataka
  • (80) 22214416
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Posted on Mar 2, 2014
 Education Quality
 Parent Interaction
I did my 9th and 10th here. I was blessed by teachers like Mr.CV Nagaraj, Mr.Ranga Rao, Mr. Joseph Xavier, Ms. Miriam Angelo, Ms.Cheryl D'Souza who went out of their way to teach students and take care of them as well. Felt happy to be part of the Josephite league

---- Submit by Jithin Jude Paul, a alum
Posted on Mar 17, 2013
 Education Quality
 Parent Interaction
Its indeed an excellent school. Run under guidance of society of jesuit. Well maintained discipline by respected fathers.

---- Submit by Mohammed jaleel, a parent
Posted on Feb 6, 2013
 Education Quality
 Parent Interaction
I agree.CV Nagaraj was a bastard and a fucking son of a bastard. He was a pervert and a psycho. If you love your Kids dont put them in SJBHS

---- Submit by Ab, a parent
Posted on Jun 17, 2012
 Education Quality
 Parent Interaction
I was a student of SJBHS. I had the most torrid time there. Dont go there.It is filled with psychos.The speak less and cane students more. Fr. Nobert Fernandez,CV Nagaraj were the biggest psychos I have ever seen. Dont send ur kids there if u truly love them

---- Submit by Ashwin Mahableshwara, a alum
Posted on Sep 16, 2011
 Education Quality
 Parent Interaction
I am a student of this school. I passed out ICSE in the year 1986. I have got very good education from this school. Father Shenoy & Father Dennis Coelho were our principals`. Mr. Charles Noronha was my Geography teacher, Mr. Ranga Rao was my Physics teacher, Mr. David Chaterjee was my Chemistry teacher, Mr. Yates was my Maths teacher who had lot of dedication. Today if I am successful in life it is because of the education I received from this school.

---- Submit by Raj Koundinya, a alum
Posted on Apr 1, 2011
 Education Quality
 Parent Interaction
My dream school.

---- Submit by Sophia, a parent

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