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City Montessori School ( Mahanagar III )
Opp. Telegraph Office,
Near Umrao Cinema,
Faizabad Road Mahanagar,
Lucknow, UP
  • (522) 2385460
  • (522) 2384730
City Montessori School ( Mahanagar III ) in Lucknow serves till grade XII. It's ENGLISH medium and Day school and affiliated to ICSE. The school serves Co-ed education. Currently this school is lead by Mrs Prema Subramaniyam ( Principal )

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City Montessori school was founded in 1959 by Bharti Gandhi and Jagdish Gandhi. By 2008 its enrollment had reached 32,000 pupils, which is a world record. CMS is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. The school has been ranked 6th in the "most respected secondary schools" in India list compiled by IMRB in 2007.

UNESCO Peace Prize: CMS was awarded the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education in 2002, the first school in the world to be so honored, in recognition of its efforts "to promote the universal values of education for peace and tolerance at a time when these values are increasingly being challenged".

Service activities: CMS students help their local and national communities. They have founded Eco Clubs, hosted environmental seminars, organized tree plantings and clean up projects, and lobbied state legislature for water pollution control.

In recognition of their service and environmental activitism, the Commissioner Lucknow division appointed CMS students for monitoring and enforcement of the local air pollution guidelines for vehicle emissions.

DEVI Sansthan - standing for Dignity, Education, Vision, International - is a non profit NGO dedicated to empowering rural/ urban poor and women, CMS students have participated in village literacy programmes and worked side by side with village residents to build roads.

CMS students fund raise for the India Cancer Society.

Awards and honours: The institution has received the following awards: -

  • Certificate of Guinness Records,
  • The Derozio Award,
  • Friend of Young Physicists Award,
  • Quality Pioneer Award,
  • Key to the City of Georgetown,
  • UNESCO Prize for Peace 2002,
  • UP Ratan, Excellence Awards 2003,
  • Rights of the Child Award,
  • Nuclear Free Future Award,
  • Life-Link Campaign,
  • Bhartiya Awam Society UP,
  • Progressive Cultural Society,
  • Ashoka Changemakers award.

Guinness World Record: The school is the largest school in the world in terms of pupils. It had a record enrolment of 32,114 pupils on 5 February 2008 for the 2007-2008 academic year.

City Montessori School, Mahanagar III

CMS Mahanagar Campus III, blossoming and blooming under its caring Principal, Mrs Prema Subramaniam, is the very epitome of perfection. The high standard of spoken English, excellent academic results, large tally of medals and prizes won by the students in various contests speak volumes of the high standard of academics and co-curricular activities maintained here.

The Campus holds the rare distinction of hosting the International Geography Olympiad "Geofest International" every year in which students from prestigious schools and colleges flock together to compete in various events related to geography. The mutual interaction of students increases their knowledge and makes them even more thirsty for exploring higher realms of geographical knowledge. It also instills in them a love of caring for Mother Earth and this united purpose creates a unity in diversity amongst students of different countries.

Among the outstanding alumni who have made the Institution proud, Ms Lovey Tripathi has had the rare distinction of getting selected in four IIMs (Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Indore and Kazhikode) in her very first attempt. She secured 99.44% marks in the CAT examination.

Master Vivek Ranjan Maitriya made the branch proud by standing among the top ten students in India who had been selected in DESTINATION NASA CONTEST hosted by Vivek is the only student selected from U.P. and he visited NASA headquarters (USA), accompanied by his father and Principal, Mrs Prema Subramaniam. Other outstanding students who have brought glory to the Branch are Priyanka Raina, Mandavi Dwivedi, Nitin Nath, Smriti Agarwal, Himanshu Verma, Salman, Puja Rai and others.

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City Montessori School ( Mahanagar III )

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