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September 10, 2011

Is boarding school the right choice for your child?

Choice of boarding schoolThis is a very general question where parents are often confused, whether the decision of Boarding School is the right choice for their child. It's better if we first understand the types of boarding schools.

Religious boarding school: Religious boarding schools, prepare students for higher education, however, their focus is also religious history, theology, religion and spirituality.

Girl only or Boys only boarding schools: These boarding schools believe in same sex education only.

Boot Camp: These schools prepare students to College.  In addition, they also teach the military discipline and prepare them for the military.  Often physical education is stressed and military customs and practices are met.

Junior Boarding Schools: These boarding schools for the students of class 8th or lower.

Therapeutic boarding schools: This is another educational program in boarding which caters to students under difficult circumstances. The name alone such as “therapeutic” already implies a period of healing process. Schools that are included in this program include boarding schools for troubled teens, boarding schools that cater to Learning Differences (LD) and ADD/ADHD students, boarding schools for students under substance abuse.

Why to go for a boarding school:
Boarding schools offer a number of advantages compared to public schools. To stimulate interest in the boarding schools, they offer challenging academic courses and very highly qualified instructor.  Teachers are expected to have an edge and expertise in their area. Basic education is structured in a way to encourage students to challenge themselves and be one step ahead than the ordinary schools. They learn discipline and focus on every aspect of life. They learn how to become more confident, and self managed while living outside the home far from their parents. They make friends with a diverse group of people across the country, and sometimes in the world.

Some people believe that boarding schools provide an edge to students interested in applying to College.  Strong academic programs, combined with the high quality of the process, is considered an advantage for the College Counseling.

Why not:
Although there are many benefits to a boarding school, the student experience is not suitable for each student.  Some students are simply unwilling or unable to live separated from their families.  Students may suffer from depression or anxiety when they are forced to attend school away from home.

Other than that boarding school expenses are much higher and hefty than most of the private schools, because parents have to pay for numerous facilities, accommodation and food, for many families the cost can be a huge concern.

However, there are scholarships and financial aid options available for motivated students. Some parents may find that boarding schools are too strict and maintain too much discipline.  These schools usually offers challenging academic programs and expects students to abide by strict rules and discipline.  If the child is not be able to maintain that, the choice of the boarding schools may be disastrous.

Independent boarding schools offer different and viable alternative to the traditional public and private schools.  For certain families, that may be beneficial while it may not suite to some. In this context, it is important to consider all the facts and take a visit to the school. This take the decision only when you're doubly sure that the school is best fit for your child.

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Super school

bording school are very good for evey one
they only study
they teach how to be indepentent
stay from their family
i love hostel

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